One of the early bands to emerge from the Jesus movement in the late 1960s, Kinfolk toured extensively on the East Coast during the 1970s. Based out of Jacksonville, Florida, their folk-rock approach coupled with simple, faith-centered lyrics allowed them to perform anywhere from intimate coffeehouses to large festivals. Kinfolk was best known for the song “Alpha and Omega,” which later became the signature song for The Gaither Vocal Band, and remains GVB’s most popular song today. After more than three decades apart, the surviving band members reunited in May of 2011 for a one-time concert in Jacksonville.  Following the concert, they decided to reform as "The Kinfolk Project"  to write and record new music. The album, "Visions, Hopes and Dreams" was the result. Today, "The Kinfolk Project" has become an ongoing entity for all kinds of projects including songwriting, recordings and video. 

Their latest is "Foundations", a full-length video album. It is a collection songs that were performed mainly in coffeehouses from 1071-1972.  Many of them were never recorded. The rest were recorded on $500 budget in a garage. Watch and listen (it's free) as past members of Kinfolk gathered in a living room and played these songs together again for the first time in over 40 years. 

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