From the recording Visions, Hopes and Dreams


Visions, Hopes and Dreams
Lyrics & Music by Michael S. McGurk

There were dreams that we shared
When we were young and we were bold
We could not be told
That our dreams would grow old
But no matter what we dreamed
They just seemed to grow cold
And in the hurry of life, swept away

Ah, the visions that we had
Of the life that we had planned
Moved like whispering winds
Flowed like shifting sands
And no matter how we tried
They all just seemed to end
Slowly, one by one, were washed away

Piling hope upon hope
That we would find a better way
We grew stronger in our faith
In each and every way
But no matter how we hoped
And no matter how we prayed
Our hopes without Christ just fell away

But the answer is Jesus
And the cross of Calvary
With all that is forgiven
His love is plain to see
His love and His redemption
Opens hearts and spreads our wings
Jesus gives us everything
In visions, hopes and dreams

God gives us the vision
Of Christ’s eternal hope
And the spirit fills our dreams
Oh, sweet, sweet dreams

Lyrics & Music
© 2012 Michael S. McGurk BMI.
All Rights Reserved.
From the album “Visions, Hopes and Dreams” by The Kinfolk Project ℗ © 2014 The Kinfolk Project, Inc.