1. Cry

From the recording Visions, Hopes and Dreams


Lyrics & Music by Robbie Trice & Dan Montgomery

I’ve been thinking ’bout myself too long
Wondering what I did
Wondering what went wrong
I’ve been livin’ in this daze for years
There’s no end in sight
Nothing but the tears that I cry

I’ve been walking down this lonely road
Don’t know what to do
And don’t know where to go
And I find that it’s a long way down, way down
When no one ever sees, and no one hears the sound of my

Of my cry

I cry from insecurity and all the things I cannot be
I cry because I’ve lost my vision
I cry ’cause I can’t get it right
I cry ’cause I’m too weak to fight
How did I get in this condition?

Oh help me please

Through the darkness there’s a voice I hear
“I gave you all I have to wipe away your tears
Don’t you know that it just breaks my heart
When you can’t see what I’ve done
And you don’t know who you are

It makes me cry
Just makes me cry
Oh I just cry, cry, cry, cry, cry
Makes me cry…”

Lyrics & Music © 2008 Robbie Trice BMI. All Rights Reserved.
From the album “Visions, Hopes and Dreams” by The Kinfolk Project ℗ © 2014 The Kinfolk Project, Inc.